Monday 20 July 2020

We're On Patreon!

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Like so many other people and organisations, our plans for 2020 have been rather radically disrupted by the current situation - perhaps even more so than some, given that we are all freelancers  and performing artists. While we wait with everyone else to hear how the rest of the spring and  summer will pan out, however, we have kept ourselves busy tackling some of the mountain of theatrical admin that piled up over the winter - and writing some new plays! 

One piece of long-planned, never-previously-executed admin is the creation of this beautiful new Patreon page for Shadow Road Productions - hooray!  We'll be posting regular updates there (some for everyone, others exclusively for our Patrons), and we very much hope you'll enjoy visiting it and getting to know us - and that you'll feel free to join in with our little community wherever possible.

Thank you and see you soon - stay safe in the meantime! :-)

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