Fireside Folktales
is one of many projects run by Shadow Road Productions, a small independent theatre company which specialises in bringing exciting works of theatre, for all ages and occasions, to unusual spaces in creative new ways.

As well as continuing that tradition with Fireside Folktales - retelling various myths, legends and classic tales as original short plays performed by four professional actors to audiences of all ages, either in our beautiful Story Tent or in a venue of your choosing - we also offer a selection of murder mystery events, full-scale theatre productions, and our soon-to-be-launched cross-platform venture, Secret Storytellers. 

Finally, whether for team-building purposes, school visits, unusual party entertainment or those with a simple interest, we can deliver a variety of creative and educational workshops, some designed to accompany a particular production, while others can be delivered as standalone events.

So that we have all the information in one place, we have put together a shiny, new Shadow Road Productions Brochure, outlining everything that we have to offer theatre lovers, schools, events organisers and private clients with parties to throw! We hope you will find it both interesting and helpful. If, after reading, you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch - we would love to hear from you.

We are available for both commercial and private bookings – performing anything from a single production to a maximum of five Fireside Folktales plays in one day, if booked for both the daytime and the evening.  Why not make your event – be it a birthday or a wedding, a festival, a corporate party, or an alternative celebration for adults or children – extra special by arranging for a private theatrical performance for up to 45 of your guests at a time?

Any event booking with Fireside Folktales includes:
  • A company of professional actors to perform your chosen play.
  • A beautifully decorated 8m diameter bell tent and matting.  (If you prefer, we can instead perform at a venue of your choice, e.g. at your wedding venue or corporate party.)
  • Seating inside the tent for an audience of up to 45.
  • Self-contained 3.5m diameter props and costume/changing room tent.
  • Anything from one to five performances of your choice of our original plays, depending on the length of booking.
  • All props and costumes.
  • Atmospheric lighting for evening performances – no electricity required.
  • Complete set up and taking down of tents.
  • The option of including a campfire in our mediaeval-style firepit, along with marshmallows for you and your guests to toast over it before you enter the tent.*
* This option incurs an additional cost to cover the increase in insurance etc.

Other optional extras include a special ‘blue’ carpet (instead of a red one!) for your guests to walk down on their way into the tent and an awning to cover the entrance – particularly useful in the event of any bad weather! - workshops and post-show Q&As with the company.

As well as our usual selection of tales for all ages and occasions, we are also able to create a bespoke event, writing a new piece of work specifically for you, if we are given sufficient notice.

* * * * * * *

Should you wish to discuss a booking of any sort - performances, workshops, or both, at an appropriate venue of your choice - please don't hesitate to drop us a line at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  All bookings vary and each enquiry will receive a unique quote, tailored to your specific needs and depending on your particular requirements.  No event is too small or unusual – if you are interested in exploring the options, please get in touch!

* * * * * * *

We also offer SCHOOL VISITS – together with optional post or pre-show workshops and/or Q&A sessions with the cast and creative team.  Workshops available include An Introduction to Stage Combat, Character Work, ‘A Play in A Day’, An Introduction to Playwriting and others.

Shakespeare’s Globe, the Unicorn Theatre and the National Theatre, among others, have warned that British children’s access to live productions is under threat, not least because of budget cuts, time constraints and concerns over travel etc, all of which can prevent schools from being able to take pupils out to the theatre.  Fireside Folktales can remedy these issues by bringing the theatre to you – saving on costs and ensuring that, even in those schools where trips out are not a possibility, pupils do not suffer from a lack of the same access to culture within the education system that other students from different socio-economic backgrounds enjoy.  The arts are for everyone, as are the countless benefits they offer – and we can’t wait to share them with your children…

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